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Steve Davis joins Peter St. James on the NH Wake-Up Show
Steve Davis with Peter St. James
Author Wendy Van De Poll is Buddy's guest
Learn how a therapy dog is used during hospice care on this week's episode with Buddy Phaneuf
Buddy Phaneuf With Kevin Koch Of Fine Mortuary School
What's it like when your spouse or mom is a Funeral Director?
Join Host Buddy Phaneuf
Yogesh Parikh is in to talk about Hindu Traditions In Part 1 of 2 on Dying To Talk
Part 2 of our interview with Susan Jutras
Host Buddy Phaneuf is joined by Susan Jutras of the Manchester VNA
Roger Gosselin joins Buddy Phaneuf in this week's episode
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Thursday October 20

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  • 6:30pm---NHL---New Jersey Devils at Boston Bruins
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Friday October 21

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  • 10:00pm---College Football---Oregon at California

Saturday October 22

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  • 8:00am---NFL Insider
  • 12:00pm---College Football---Boston College at North Carolina State
  • After BC---College Football---UNH at Towson
  • 6:30pm---NHL---Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins
  • After Bruins---College Football---Ohio State at Penn State
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  • 6:30pm---NHL---Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins
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